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and at what point do you tell them , do you tell them from the start and risk telling a complete stranger about your condition or do you wait for a while and risk them feeling that you had not been honest with them from the start, a lot of people do not understand about Parkinsons at my age most of us probably have a failed marriage behind us and second time around the possibilty of having to care for someone through illness is not part of the plan so i think dating with parkinsons will be difficult , but there are some non judgemental people out there who will see you for who you are and not what illness you have but i suspect they are few and far between .

Being honest from day one is surely the only sensible way forward in any relatoinship but especialy a new one, I'd be not impressed if a months down the line someone hadnt told me the truth.

I also sit on my offending hand - which is a problem if, like me, you have life long sweaty hands: I end up with a wet leg, where I've been trying to keep the damned thing still, as well as pins and needles and a strangely purple, cold, sweaty hand.

I don't think you need to restrict yourself, perhaps if your going down the online dating route then just be open and honest in setting out you have ' P' along side your interests.

I do wonder how other singletons manage the prospect of embarking upon a new relationship and whether there is any scope for a ' P' pool for those so inclined to restrict themselves to others with Parkinson's?Perhaps we with parkinsons who are seeking the possibliaty of a life with new partner should restrict our search to other disabled persons including ones with parkinsons .?:-) I am single fine it very hard to get a date has soon as you say pd thats it if you or any one out there with pd who would like to meet up for a chat a drink let me know i live in bristol but can drive .The only problem here is that, whilst I am perfectly comfortable in my own company, I currently have no one to share my travelling with and so feel less inclined to embark upon such activity.Therefore, I have thought of the possibility of finding a new travelling partner - and whatever else might follow.

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