Radiometric dating of sedimentary rocks

In the Grand Canyon, the layers of strata are nearly horizontal.

Most sediment is either laid down horizontally in bodies of water like the oceans, or on land on the margins of streams and rivers.

For example, in the rocks exposed in the walls of the Grand Canyon (Figure 1) there are many horizontal layers, which are called strata.

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Second, it is possible to determine the numerical age for fossils or earth materials.The results of the zircon and titanite dating are currently being compiled by Stephen Parry and other authors, and will be added here after their publication in the scientific literature.With the Rhynie sediments, the other main criterion for dating (or 'relative dating') has been the use of biostratigraphy, primarily using palynology, which includes the study of fossil spores and pollen.Numerical ages estimate the date of a geological event and can sometimes reveal quite precisely when a fossil species existed in time.Third, magnetism in rocks can be used to estimate the age of a fossil site.

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