Who is grimes dating

She stands tall with the height of five feet and six inches which are 1.68 in meters.

She is the daughter of Preston Lee, who himself is a producer as well as an actor.

Okay, so you've finally been voted off The X Factor, where you've performed each week to a live TV audience of 16 million and become something of a pop sensation. To become global superstars, perhaps – make a bestselling album, be mega-rich, mega-famous? 'To have special powers, like Spider-Man,' John Grimes tells me. I Did It Again and Rock DJ, on hit talent show The X Factor, despite being unable to even hold a tune. 'It's not called The Singing Factor, it's called The X Factor. So, boys, what was it like behind the scenes on The X Factor? When they turned up for this interview, they were marshalled in by a security guard who grumbled, 'Lovely lads, but I need a pair of those extendible dog leads.'And the lads are lovely – in a very wired, weird way. We're on this reality show and everyone has their own personal opinion,' says John. Those people are good, but we could do that." Mum said, "No you couldn't".'The twins remain very close to both parents, who are immensely proud of them.

The boys, of course, took the country by storm with jaw-dropping performances of Ghostbusters, Oops… If everyone thinks John and Edward are weird, it's because we don't follow the crowd.' Louis Walsh, who now manages the twins, has, of course, always had a deeper appreciation of Jedworld than most. They eventually found him in a completely different record label's offices looking at a Britney Spears video. We say, "Come on guys, this is Ireland, not Laguna Beach." There's a lot more to girls than just having sex. We think sex is a bit amateurish.'OK, so I think we've established you're virgins. 'Lots of girls throw themselves at me and Edward,' says John. It's just not us, not our main focus.'The twins are sitting in front of me on identical chairs – John to the left and Edward to the right, so I know which is which. They speak mostly together, finishing one another's sentences; two halves of a whole rather than separate 18-year-olds. There was also much booing, hissing and a hate campaign on Facebook. 'We knew the negative stuff was there, but we talked about it to each other and said, "Hey, we know we're fine. 'We used to watch the show and say, "Oh, God, I wish we could go up there on stage. and we're John and Edward."'John continues, 'The first audition was really flat, but we were new to the whole thing. 'I feel the music industry is not where it used to be,' says John. We need to get the pop back into pop.' And, there is, without doubt, plenty of that in Jedworld.

I have, you see, entered Jedworld, a bizarre, off-the-wall place inhabited by the, bizarre, off-the-wall Irish twins with the big hair and terrible voices. They're like ducks, those two, always wandering off.' Edward, it turns out, went to the gents during the last meeting here and didn't come back for 20 minutes. Edward interrupts, 'We don't see girls in that "Oh-she's-hot way". 'They both nod, quiffs quivering – they are big fans of the US singer. They see it on the movies and think that's what's expected. Fans included Andy Murray, Peaches Geldof, Robbie Williams, and the thousands of screaming teenage fans camped outside The X Factor house, while Lily Allen and the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, were among their detractors. Then Edward would do it as well.' The boys had been gelling their hair for several years before auditioning for The X Factor. 'Most of the contestants start breaking down on stage when they're voted off,' says John. So, apart from the special powers, what is their ambition?

Judge Simon Cowell threatened to leave the country should they win, and Dannii Minogue memorably reminded them, 'This is a singing competition.' The twins eventually lost out in a sing-off to Olly Murs after finishing in the bottom two of the public vote. So much so that I wonder if they've been tested for Attention Deficit Disorder. 'I think people need time to understand us.'They're not used to change. They say their mum and dad have always allowed them to be themselves, right down to the way they look and dress. We'd never gelled it so high before, but we didn't imagine it would make such an impact.' Neither, it turns out, had they thought about a name for the act.

Becoming such a favorite actress as well as most wanted an actress in Hollywood she has very impressive net worth.

After being nominated, she finally won the award one time.

In 2000, she was the winner of Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Younger Actress.

She believes in maintaining separation of personal and private life.

So we cannot find any news regarding her boyfriend as well as any affairs on the internet.

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