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pet peeve #2 People who invite people to parties, then whine at them about thier subjob choices, when they saw what they were before they even invited them. ^^ So my static that had not partied together in months, finally were able to get schedules and everything in order so we could party again, except now we are static-ing with our subjobs.(sorry throw-back thought from the last party I had with my friend who was rdm/nin and was getting flack for it). So whm is put on hold again for awhile, but its ok.Not sure if that happens much, or if it was a glitch, but I wasn’t complaining. Three are available for purchase, and the other two are recieved thru BCNM or ISNM (not sure which) battles.

I’m about half way there, so hopefully wont take too long.

I know what they are (so don’t roll your eyes too far back..

lol) but I don’t always know what elemental to use with what weaponskill they use, and I don’t have the timing down either…

So maybe the wording difference in the description holds the key to which breed you will get??? That was was our reason for being in Tahrongi Canyon last night, and despite the fact that we attacked over 20 mobs, we still didn’t end up with it, but we had fun anyway, It’s a good job to duo or pt with other bluemages, and alot of fun with friends. Blue Mage can be really fun, and really frustrating at the same time.

Since the difference is so subtle, maybe it won’t be obviously appearent…??? I’ll let you know what “type” I get out of my “bit” warm to the touch egg. I do like though that it is really tied into the time and effort you put into it.

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