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“The teenage years are usually a time of trying to figure out who you are, but these five transgender teenagers are confident and strong in who they are — and I think that’s really saying something," Stanley says.

She hopes the story conveys that gender identity isn’t the dominant topic in these teens' lives: “They’re stressing over grades, friendships, Snapchat — just like any other teenager.

“They should indicate the dangers of online dating due to their young readership.

Cyber-stalkers are a serious danger to children and teens and anytime you encourage online communities for kids you have to be educated on cyber stalkers,” said Nicole Clark, teen educator and director of the documentary “Cover Girl Culture.” “Seventeen magazine is giving cyber-stalkers a gift wrapped dream present: tweens and teens who are seeking love online from someone online.” Could an article like this cause undue problems for curious minors looking for love in all the wrong places?

It’s like having a Seventeen Stylist in your pocket!

Get the latest scoop on style, friends, guys, college, careers, the stars and love!And most of their friends don’t even bring it up,” Stanley adds.“In [one teen’s story], her friends ask her about getting her period — that’s how far the fact that their friend is transgender is from their minds. President Obama kicked things off in January by becoming the first president to use the word "transgender" in a State of the Union Address. The incredible Laverne Cox was seemingly everywhere.But as the editors of magazine noticed, while successful trans adults were all over the news, trans teens weren’t always part of the coverage — and when they were, they were often portrayed as hopeless and unhappy.

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