State laws mandating the use of seatbelts in cars

Hesitation on the issue may be less about personal freedom and more about simple economics — installing seat belts on buses can be costly.

Essentially, the argument of such states comes down not to a dispute as to whether it’s safer to use seatbelts, but instead the reasoning tends to hinge on the concept of free choice.Still, many people ignore seatbelt laws, potentially making enforcement of seatbelt laws difficult to enforce.Supporters of seatbelt laws may be concerned not only with seatbelt laws affecting passenger cars but school buses and public transportation as well.Although Georgia has a mandatory seatbelt law, many lives are lost annually both within Georgia and across the U. because vehicle occupants elect not to buckle up their seatbelt.Our experienced Georgia auto collision attorneys at Montlick and Associates are firm advocates of using safety restraints, because we see the avoidable consequences of choosing not to use a seatbelt.

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