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Read more: 5 fashion investments every woman should make Not only do they go with any outfit, but shoes that match your skin tone will seem to lengthen your legs, which is a great look on anyone.

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For instance, visualization tools can help you deliver easy-to-absorb insights around KPIs like R&D as a percentage of sales, regional sales variances, or the number of clinical trials currently in progress.

She knows what suits her (super important when it comes to colour! She obviously has a huge range of designer threads that would make us drool, but she also has a bunch of affordable staples to mix them with.

It’s a good idea to spend money on those wardrobe must-haves (jeans and a white blouse, for example), and mix in some cheaper, on-trend, interchangeable pieces.

Nearly three quarters of life science CFOs said they are being asked to take on wider operational leadership roles, as compared with 64% of global respondents across sectors.

To deliver on a more diverse set of priorities, 58% of life sciences CFOs said they need to build their understanding of digital, smart technologies and sophisticated data analytics. They need support from their FP&A teams to focus on the future while still keeping a close eye on daily operations.

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