Modio not updating

Access and document detailed reports on users' group and role memberships (as well as their access levels to specific content).Obtain comprehensive views of Cognos objects such as schedules, dispatchers, data sources, reports & packages (just to name a few).Do you facilitate changes for hundreds of Cognos reports?Would you like to ease the maintenance of all your Cognos users, such as their security settings, user preferences, portal pages,etc?Ever wished there was a "rapid execution" button in Cognos? "The automated testing provided by Motio CI proved invaluable.

I did the most recent up a week or so ago, the cumulative one to verson 10.0.14393.51 pm Me Not sure what version I would have been on in mid-May. pm Macky Aaron T I see, thank you for providing me this information Nathan, I'll be documenting this for you. Let us work together in finding the best resolution to this issue. I just would like to let you know that we have series of premium support that I can discuss to you later on if you're interested. We provide mainstream support for download, install activation and application scenarios so you'll definitely get a no charge technical assistance specifically to this issue. pm Macky Aaron T By the way, by any chance that this is something that's beyond our expertise, I may need to refer you to another department that are specialized to handle your concerns. For the remote session, kindly click on the link provided. pm Macky Aaron T For your security, if you have files, folders or any data, credentials that you don't want me to see, please close it for now so that we can still retain your privacy and also you have the capability to disconnect us from your computer by selecting the "Red x button". pm Macky Aaron T I am now connected and have access to your desktop.3) Tell Xbox 360 to format flash drive and the flash drive is formatted. Also noticing the PC does not show available or free space. It says the drive test is slow but it successfully formatted the drive. 1) format the flash drive as NTFS 2) go to your 360 hard drive and hit Y for Transfer. If it can be access you should have a file (Do not remove or rename this file) We will edit it. 5) go to Computer Management then Disk management 6) Assign a Drive Letter 7) you should now see 8) open the text file and edit what is inside. I did the rename thing and tried it on my computer (running version 10.0.14393) but could not access the USB without being prompted to format it and Horizon did not recognize it. Windows now thinks it needs to format the drive when I plug it in the pc.I am assuming it is because of the file system use by xbox 360. 9) Again, copy the dynasty file to the flash drive from the xbox 360 hard drive. 11) Still reports to insert disk into USB Drive H: and does not show free or total space on the drive in This PC (My Computer) 12) Modio or Horizon do not see the flash drive. Select the flash drive as destination 3) hit configure it will take up more than half the space on a 1GB drive. It may say "USB Flash Drive" and rename it to "Xe X Menu" without the quotes. 9) Open and run Horizon or modio v3 as administrator. Unfortunately, there seems to be a definite issue with 10.0.14393. The laptop I am on is 10.0.10586 and shows up but when the flash drive is plugged into my main computer with build 10.0.14393, it was me to format the flash drive. It used to be able to read the drive without issue before.

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