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Is the more dominant partner presumed to be the masculine role and the submissive one the feminine?

Such is the case of the worship of the alpha male: an attempt by people to justify what they to be true via an appeal to nature through misunderstandings of evolution, psychology and sociological development.

The woman and the alpha – in this view – gets the best of both worlds; the alpha gets to spread his genes while the woman gets not just superior genetic stock for her offspring but also physical and material support as well.

Meanwhile the poor cuckolded beta is stuck having his genetic line cut off while expending resources raising another man’s child.

Meanwhile women must husbandto those males who exhibit the greatest level of genetic and sociable desirability: that is, men who not only exhibit exterior signs of health and fitness but who are also sufficiently “alpha”.

However, because of the need for protection as well as supporting the child until it reaches maturity, a woman may choose to pair up with a “beta” for material gain while sneaking off to have sex with the more desirable alpha males.

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