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During the promotions for HK, their friendship only strengthened; Ella was constantly teasing him about his chinese and he was constantly teasing her about her being "miss mo ka cheng." In the BTS of Zen Me Ban filming, we can see all the teasing that goes on between them because there is rarely a moment when they aren't bickering in that MV, that is unless he was too busy staring at her in her dress. If it's not the way they constantly give out hints, it's the way they copy each other. If I have the chance , I really wanna go and meet you with the other CE fans and shout myself the slogan , "CE LOVE YOU!! CE spotted whispering to each other during airing of ZSTS MV. Apr - Ella accidental slip of tongue (the “It's only work” when questioned about Chun working with Angela), Chun starts filming his new show “Romantic Princess”. Instead he has to say indirect things instead of directly defending her. BTW, your new CECPs with pics shared by burn~ are soo cute and funny..pepper~ That fanart of mine, I posted it in Chun's thread, C4 before. seems like Oguri and Yu couple is getting along well together. I seriously don't understand the content of the news because it's the news published by Apple Daily and it's written by one the reporter that I hate the most .has always wrote not so nice things about Chun and Ella before ..

In spite of having only one drama together and just a few commercials together with their group, the two are still being linked with each other a lot of times. Because the two are always copying each other, we have dubbed it the Copycat Effect of theirs. I know that you've also seen her performing this song before ... " that you've always heard from ce.cn's CE fans .. Ella's birthday is coming, what's the plan? Ella chooses Chun as her love choice on “The Blackie Show”, saying: "Ah Zun Zun , I miss you so much! They answered like that they are ok but no plan for marriage soon when the media asked about the rumor they broke up. there's also a picture of Chun wearing the "rabbit mask" ?

It was from that birthday party, and many other events to come, that we learned that Chun was an introvert. Blackie Show), CE were in their own little world for the majority of the show and Chun caught stealing glances of Ella.09 Dec - HK promo in Taipei, K-Mall.10 Dec - HK promo in Kaohsiung.16 Dec - FLH as guests in SHE's "Yi Dong Cheng Bao" in Taiwan, Chun blushes from some teasing.02 Jan - [ZHUAN SHU TIAN SHI] MV filming. Though up to know, I'm really, and still and will too be hoping for a CE collab or a CE BTS or whatsoever. By the way, thanx for sharing that little tidbit about Yamada Yu and Oguri because the last time I heard that Yamada moved out and so I thought they were not getting along or on the verge of breakout, I was really sad. am really sorry for "disappearing" for such a long time .. But last year when reporters asked him how he felt about Mr. Ella said it's impossible and she only knows a few lines from some folk songs. While writing the story, he decided about the ending like the two were separated in the end. Sky, Angela's rumored boyfriend, he immediately congratulated her on her relationship. The MC suggested that she could look to Chun for lessons and Ella asked in return "Doesn't Wu Chun speaks Brunei language instead? CE with toasts are posing in the same way.pics made me laugh..mariane~!! Another thing thought they have in common with one another is marriage. I ca feel it because both of you exudes that feeling of unsurpassed happiness... Otherwise, these mischievous friends of yours will slip their tongues out and then you and Ella will be part of the main headline. He stopped you from saying too much or else it might reach the headlines... Don't tell me you're aiming to be the last in the race to the finish line?! ~your Baobei will get Happier if you do that sooner! Ella knows you have been brought up conservatively so you don't want your proposal to be a public display. "Part 56 : by marika, "You can tell your wifey this too you know. Anyway, any not so obvious hints that you can give? Chun comments on HK and says how "Ella is his girlfriend..HK," with "in HK" as an after thought.16 Jul - Appearance of Ella and Baron Chen rumors. Seeing those babies makes me wanna do JMM's mission of kidnapping them and making the two of them do the you know what thing. The two are amongst the top artists that are commenting on settling down and starting a family soon. I can see it through the glow in your eyes and your wife...undeniably so blissful... ” Part 20 : by May, “Oh, Chun, look what LOVE has done to you.... do you read all those messages been left by all the angels here? =D Unless you purposely want that to happen which is pretty good to us! ”Part 44 : by mariane, “Did you hear what Baobei said??? ~Ella wishes that she would get similar love proposal with Selina's and she hopes that it will going to be happened in one of their concerts! ( did you know that Ella's dad shouted that "next is Ella's turn"? But you're a romantic at heart and Ella knows what you've done and what you will be doing for her in the future is more romantic and memorable. " Part 57 : by mira, "Chun, Ella's birthday will be coming soon, in a week's time to be exact. i know you're busy now in shanghai shooting for your new drama, but still i want you to use your sneaking skills to come back and see her during her birthday. Was reported that Chun became the unlucky scapegoat and the person in the Apple Daily article was actually Baron and not Chun, but Ella quickly denies the rumors she has with Baron.

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