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Foft^ said i Wit in the abort year Oiey've been orgaoized, tte local chapter h«! Fund raising ei - penses in excess ol 20 per cent lor the preceding year's solicitation will be , con- sidered unreasonable.participated in a Wood drive, woited with city officials iduring the 4th of July festivities, spo«Kred a soap box deilqr entntat, provided coffee and donuts tor travelers daring the Labor Day weekend, and worked with various phases of the Neptune festival. Violations will be consid- ered misdemeanors with co Rvictions carrying Ones and/or imprisonment.Some of the members include Richard Branich, head of the city's parks and rec- reation department, and Walter Hut- chins, head of the city's landfill de- parteiieiit. Den 4 presented a skit, "Ota Those Hoboes," and Den 6 gave a vaudeville show. Special awards were pre- sented to the following adult leaders of Pack 409: Mrs. For those who like nostalgic music this is the place for people to s Uig out and dance. Donald Waldrop, pastor of the Beach Lawn Baptist Church, said he had been approached by unscru- pulous organizations. Both Mreme Court ended the committee's jurisdic - tion over the matter. ^ wi U Mw te responsible for all cliert PR programs, which inclotk [y. acaatioo of clvl Uans from Lebftnoa la*t Hotline to help court victims the %ictim or iritness is "tt MT f Hgfdte B pei^n ia Ws erii Ut Bal Instice systom," accoi^i Bg to Comm M- wmlth's Atty. These findii«s of Block, llc Gibony and Associates, Inc., health and hospital consultants, will save the city anroximately |4 million, the projected cost ot building an ambttltat(n7 health care cenler. Rad Dury said die study on hunum resourees made by the consisting firm is Uie first tt» city has spraisored which resulted in recommendations "not to do something." 8i» rinnaited that the 130,000 eort of the stwfy ms we U ^««t in.Foley satd althoi^ the League is ines, afl lurine oa aetnfe d W7 can join, so long as he or she has served 90 days active duty. Webelos activity ba^es were woii by Danny Carter, Gary Mi Uer, and Mike Tis- dale. Audrey Beasley, for 27 years of service to tiie pack; Bur- ton Russel, for 8 years as Cubmaster; and Don Lan - caster for 4 years service. Burton Russell has resigned as Cubmaster, and will become pack committee chairman. Ph U Villa-Lobos, was introduced to those in attendence. The enthusiastic receirtion of the audience greatly ea- couraged the liand to play lively musical numbers at Aragona Community Recreation Center Sunday. James was facing pndes- siooal misconduct diarges before tte Second District Committee which a Ueged the improper use of ^crow and trust accouid fumte imder his sqiervision for several clients. that tt wi U sav^ ae city frixn buili^ a center which is not needed. D., president td the consulting firm, presented results of the study at an Informal ses- No ambulatory x^Mtw now His reo Mnmoidations were that: —An ambulatory care center should not be constructed atttistirae.

Ike ^tttate bapm m geim A sf Wmi V m^st io W19 ud eirr«My re- ceive bctwc M M and 10 «Btri^ «ieh j^ur intfe^co B* test. Anmial dollar sav- ings fnmi this project ises- Umatedat|63,«». Tbeaccommo- 'mtl OTS are lovely - two or three per room, heated rooms, hot stowers, large recreation hall and cafe- teria. Each year the Virginia Beach chapter of the AAMA donates their charity Itall's profits to a community pro- ject or charitable organiza- tion. IMurl Md i MMit a grav M Poago aad Blaekwater resl- ^m - mtk A 9tmm NMHttoa. - i Mch Is try^ to o Mita Wt MOO to AMri tate to oper M an euipatt^ ee^r aad tw aatel Ute tee Uities thimgh INO. The ^ award the Havy CMno Mndatto B M«lal-went to CUet Boatswain's Mate HOwanl R.

As It was organized, the Virginia T Tim Finchem declares for Beach attorney post Vlrgima Beach attorney Timothy W. Organisations exempted from the prdinawe are^: Educational institutions recognised by the superin- tendert of public ins^rue - tion and accredited by a regional accrediting as - sociation; Persons requestiog con - tributlo Bs for the relief of any individual specified by name at the time of the solicitation; Organizations which have received no more than ,000 a year during previous so- licitations or have received «ntributions from no more than tea persons; Organiaations which so- licit ODiy from members; and Orgamzati ODS which have no (Mce in Virginia Beach and solicit by telephone, mail or advertising.

Finchem last week deqjared he was a Democratic candidate for the of- fice of Commonwealth Attorney for Virginia Beach, the seat now held by Andre Evans. Davis of the Princess Anne Garden Club plant a variety of herbs in the garden of Lynnhaven House. Richard Coradi, U 212S Admiral Drive, said that some oi^ianizati ORS (fpente lia* "personal aggrandise- m^^^" in the shadow ot freedom.

Finchem filed his candidacy March 31 with Commissioner of Revenue Ivan Mai9, aod held a press conference that morning at his Newtwon Riad Of- fice. One bond member had a severe kink in her back, two members had fallen down and three had a bout with the flu. The new ordinance, he said, tightens up the loop- holes, it's time to protect our children," he said. The new owners are scheduled to open the fecil- itv April 1.

He said to believed the people of Virginia Beach desire a stro|ng, vigor- ous and effective prosecution of the criminal laws ami said he was con- fid Mt, if elected, he could fulfill that deab'e. In 1972 he was elected vice dair- man we.r try to get a cross-section of all ages." Most of the members oi the Vir- glida Beach chapter come from the Beach and Norfolk, said Foley. • Soft Hit Music , • ABC News • Comrriunify Announcements 4 Senlo Mrs. However, they did surprisingly we U for the shape they were In. In elaboration Coradi said that some pe^te have teen op- erating in tliis ^rt ol the country "influencing chil- dren disadvantageously a - gainst their families." The Rev. 1B7T md *hry uoodman segar M^an inc., has annotfflced the sale «f two land parcels in flie Ar- rowhead Industrial Park, Virginia Beach to James No- cito. A warehouse and/or office building is planned for the site. Morris of Vliflala Bkck toraa ta wotfcir tatch a Klnminam cans to ttn Mfae Us ttamiemi Ito^jreilnf Ct Bter at 1495 Air l UU ATCM»4A (be Aibl^rt totetrltl Park. Morris, a re«lre«, ^itiite 0n M* «tf Mi e Bing irf his office te- tte Practice of Psychiatry at Pembroke Three, Sidte 342 Virginia Seach, Vlrgiida 23462 Office Hott TH by A|)|»hitme Bt Telqih OM 4M-t S»l C.f JT con: f-q 80U)i bj-ii- JO ,: The S^^o Be Courtol Vir- gmte, month rendcedthe lic«»es to practice law in Virginia of Norfolk attorney C.

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