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The 29-year-old model from Blackpool is having to deal with rumours surrounding the state of her marriage after Paddy was pictured looking cosy with All Saints singer Nicole Appleton during a night out in London earlier this month.Paddy and Christine, who is a former Miss Liverpool, tied the knot on 4 June 2011 at Thornton Manor in Wirral.This included hilarious send ups of Star Wars, Dirty Dancing, Ghostbusters and Jaws and was typically followed by the original film on ITV1.

The couple married in 2011 at Thornton Manor in Wirral after three years together.If the man has any lights left on he then tries to woo the women with a series of rounds, discussing his background, showing off a skill and one gives his friends and family the chance to speak about him.The women can turn their lights off during any round if there are still some on when he finishes all three rounds the man can then choose to turn off the women’s lights.In 2000 he starred in old friend Peter Kay’s show That Peter Kay Thing before joining Kay’s new comedy series.The award-winning Phoenix Nights saw the star as doorman Paddy O’Shea, working alongside fellow bouncer Max Bygraves, one of many characters played by Peter.

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