Will forte dating

He was nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards, for acting and writing for the series.Orville Willis Forte IV was born in Alameda County, California.During his time at the show, he costarred in and wrote the 2007 film The Brothers Solomon.The film was originally a pilot for Carsey-Werner, and its creation was an extension of his agreement to terminate his contract to appear on SNL.Forte's first successful foray into comedy was 101 Things to Definitely Not Do If You Want to Get a Chick, a comic book he produced that details incompetent men.

He went by Billy in his early years until he was teased at school for it also being a girl's name, at which point he decided he would from there on be known as Will.While performing with the troupe in 2001, he was spotted by Lorne Michaels, the creator of Saturday Night Live (SNL).Forte felt his confidence was higher than usual, as That '70s Show had been picked up for two more years.Forte took various roles in comedy films, before starring in the drama film Nebraska (2013).Forte created, writes and stars in his own television sitcom, The Last Man on Earth, which premiered on Fox in 2015.

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