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Aside from the Violence Against Women and their Children Act complaint, which they hope to file with the DOJ by the end of October, Derek is also facing a concubinage complaint with actress Angelica Panganiban, who was his girlfriend for 6 years.

MANILA, Philippines—Actor-model Derek Ramsay denied rumors that he is dating television host and actress Kris Aquino.

MANILA -- Becoming a couple came unexpectedly for film co-stars Cristine Reyes and Derek Ramsay, as they had intended to be only good friends, according to the actor.

"Everything happened so fast," the 36-year-old Ramsay told ABS-CBN News on Wednesday, exactly a week after he and Reyes officially became a couple.

"We requested for a motion to withdraw, which can either be granted or denied.

We heard from some sources, not the current prosecutor who is handling our case, Fiscal (Erwin) Dimayacyac, but from higher prosecutors that they are being influenced by some celebrity not to give us a favorable resolution,” she said.

While the two admitted frequently going out and being "in constant communication," they maintained they were only friends.The actor also said he and Aquino have been exchanging views on a variety of topics.“I asked her advice the other day from something, that’s why she posted, ‘Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be there for you also’ ‘coz I’m really there for her,” Ramsay said.“You know what…since April of this year, not one text, not one call. Who's going to believe you, who's going to believe that?” When asked if her son wants to see Derek, Mary Christine said no.

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