Quickbooks database server updating

Caution: You should always have a daily backup of your Quick Books data file.In a worst case scenario, if your file becomes corrupt, you could restore from the previous day's backup and only lose one day's work.Then open the Quick Books database server manager and click Add Folder (Figure A). If you still get a connection issue, here are some troubleshooting tips: On occasion, the problem with the data file connection is the server.

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Networking issues, firewall issues, corrupted data files, and more can quickly plague your Quick Books installation.Most likely, all you have installed on your server is the Quick Books database server manager. With this tool, you can instruct the service where to monitor for data files. The Quick Books Connection Diagnostic Tool is a small application that will test the connection between client and database server manager and help you to understand what is happening.In some instances, it will set the correct firewall rules on a client machine so Quick Books can get through to the network.

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