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In this period of transition into adolescence, it’s essential to establish rules that protect your child yet also demonstrate your trust in her judgment.

Spiritual: Sustaining Connections As preadolescents develop an understanding for interpersonal relationships, their capacity for empathy and love increases.

Hormones have a powerful impact on mood, so warn your child how these changes affect how she feels.

In addition to the emotional impact of physical and hormonal changes, kids also experience emotional swings over how they feel about themselves personally and socially.

Riding a rollercoaster of highs and lows, at one moment they feel on top of the world for no extraordinary reason, and moments later, they feel genuine despair over something seemingly trivial.

Another great life challenge that begins in preadolescence is clarifying identity.

An engagement with one’s own spiritual tradition and its values that improve life—such as fair play, respect, and responsibility—can be meaningfully applied to sexuality. • Gains awareness of budding emotional and sexual feelings in relationships.This exposure is nothing to be afraid of if you really speak (relate) with them about sexual intercourse, the importance of safe sex, the threat of AIDS and other STIs, and sexual abuse.Though kids at this age are old enough to understand the physical aspects of sexual intercourse, chances are they aren’t feeling ready to pursue or act out any curiosity that they might feel.There may be a lag between sex ed and your own child’s needs, so tune in to tailor your comments accordingly.Here are some of the most important topics to review with you’re your daughter: Physical: Time to Go into Detail Though you probably have been discussing changes that occur to your children’s body, as puberty comes into sight, this is a particularly important time to return to the subject again.

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