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It was designed by my good friend and legend Santy Runyon.

The 6M alto; 10M tenor; and 12M baritone are the famous “naked lady” horns.

The Eb/C mechanism is genius; the articulated low C#/Bb mechanism should be on all horns. Alto $ 2400 Tenor $ 3200 Soprano 00 Baritone $ 3600 CONN WONDER through 150XXX Up until 75XXX, no rolled tone holes. Add 20% for gold and 40% for gold with “artist” engraving and mother of pearl key touches. Sopranino $ 2000 Straight soprano 00 Curved soprano $ 2200 Deduct 20% if keyed to Eb only C soprano 00 MUST have original mouthpiece C melody $ 800 Alto 00 Tenor 00 Baritone 00 Bass $ 7500 NEW WONDER “CHU BERRY” 150XXX – 240XXX Conn never called these horns “Chu Berry”, but we’re stuck with the name. Alto $ 2400 Tenor $ 3000 Baritone $ 3100 M SERIES 260XXX – 834XXX We’re talking about REAL saxophones here!

The soprano models usually have keywork to high G, and have “conventional” palm key layout. Improved keywork, “fingernail file” G# key; microtuner necks; and really spectacular engraving on the Artist models (usually seen in gold plate, often with mother of pearl key touches, add 40%). Usually seen in silver, deduct 20% for lacquer, add 20% for gold non-artist examples. There’s nothing on this Earth quite like one of these at full song!

I have based my research on actual selling prices by recognized dealers.

Prices may vary considerably depending upon the amount and style of engraving. Straight soprano 00 Curved soprano 00 Alto $ 2100 Tenor $ 2800 Baritone $ 3000 Bass $ 7500 “TRANSITIONAL” 240XXX – 260XXX You’ll see these with different keywork styles, and almost always with elaborate engraving. The Conqueror series (26M and 30M) have very elaborate adjustment mechanisms and solid silver key touches.

The Constellation 28M alto has three octave vents and the best feeling mechanism around, along with a high tech (for the era) plastic key guard.

COUF From 1965 until 1988, these fine German horns (manufactured by J. I understand there were a few made with sterling silver bells.

After the mid 1950’s, the Zephyr became an intermediate model, so deduct 30%.

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