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The list of servers is downloaded together with other updates , the task will attempt to update from the next one in the list.

You may need to specify the proxy server parameters to access the updates source. If a proxy is not necessary for some sources, you can enable the option Do not use proxy server in their properties.

These updates include the latest bug fixes and security fixes that are released by WSO2 after a particular product version is released.

Therefore, you do not need to wait and upgrade to the next product release to get these bug fixes.

It can be found in the Console under the Kaspersky Administration Kit tasks node.

If required, you can do a comparison between two WUM-updated product distributions and extract the difference (diff).

That is, we will be extracting only those binary files that were changed/added in the later WUM-updated distribution.

Such behavior is determined by the Autodetect updates list option.

Administrators can select the updates for downloading manually.

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