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In fact, one of the biggest mistakes long-distance daters make is trying to cram too much time together into their compressed schedule.IN PICS: First Mumbai Edition of Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival in Mumbai: A Sunday Well-Spent at Mount Litera School International Bookaroo Festival of Children’s Literature 2018 Mumbai Edition: Program Schedule Bookaroo Festival of Children’s Literature Mumbai Edition: Qissebaazi with Padma Damodaran and Kailash Waghmare Bookaroo Festival of Children’s Literature Kicks Off Its First Mumbai Edition at Mount Litera School International Vienna Family Day: A Little Bit of Vienna in Delhi Holi 2018: Images from All Around the World To Get You in The Mood for India’s Most Vibrant Festival Helicopter Taxis to Begin in Bangalore Next Week 16 Amazing Photos of Antwerp in Belgium That’ll Totally Spark Your Wanderlust Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2018 Online Registration Commences, Open Till Mar 23 Vidhan Soudha Images: 10 Amazing Photos of Bangalore’s Magnificent Parliament Building Holi 2018 Long Weekend: Best Places to Visit in India Breathtaking Photos of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi Brihadeeswara Temple in Thanjavur: 10 Marvelous Images of the Chola-Era Shrine Hot Photo and Video of Shenaz Treasury in Dubai Will Give You Travel Goals!From struggling actors, laboureres, Bollywood stars to gangsters, Mumbai has a lot. Mumbai is also home to one of the biggest slum area as well as home to the richest and thus it is only fair to describe Mumbai as a city for all.The majorsly spoken language is definitely Hindi , but this city has welcomed people from all faiths and religion warmly.While e-mails and phone calls are not a substitute for actual dates, they are a good way to enhance what has been started in person.Although people who date over long distances may take a little longer than conventional daters to reach the point at which they decide to marry, it isn't a good idea to artificially extend the length of the courtship simply because the man and woman haven't had so many face-to-face meetings.

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