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One, on California Avenue, contained Zuck, Engineering, Ads, and just about everyone involved in making actual product.

The second building fronted on the next artery over, Page Mill Road, and housed sales, legal, operations, and everyone involved in the nontechnical side of the Facebook machine.

It was a good pitch, and the kids in the audience were enraptured.

Mission accomplished, Cox flashed a matinee-idol grin and disappeared from the stage in a flash, no doubt off to the other dozen meetings he had that day.

Perfectly articulated, to the point I suspected she was a shill, a young, perky intern came out with: “It’s your personal newspaper.” “Exactly!

Facebook was the New York Times of You, Channel You, available for your reading and writing, and to everyone else in the world as well, from the Valley VC to the Wall Street banker to the Indian farmer plowing a field.This is an excerpt from the book "Chaos Monkeys" by Antonio Garcia Martinez.The book describes how Garcia got funding for his tech startup from Y Combinator and Chris Sacca, sold that startup to Twitter for millions, and then bailed on the deal to go work at This chapter describes what happened to Garcia on his first day at Facebook, and how he was inducted into the company's official culture of secrecy.I suspected this was a recurring biweekly event for Cox, the rousing speech to the new acolytes.Just the regular speech for king and country, which he had down to the point of studied and flawless spontaneity.

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