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When a director once asked her to shed a single tear out of a single eye, Wood obliged.Some of her talent for trauma Wood came by honestly.Though rumors circulated their engagement the year before, they didn't officially get engaged until January 2017, which Mara confirmed in a photo on Twitter.Bell was previously married to Evan Rachel Wood for two years."Most teenagers are searching for identity, and I was thrown into a situation where I was supposed to have that already figured out," she says."Then you're demonized for figuring it out and getting messy."The showrunners and HBO warned me, ' You know, your life's probably going to change after this,'" she says.Strange advice to give someone who has been in the business for more than 20 years, but correct nonetheless.

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About the lightest it got was shacking up with a curmudgeonly Larry David in Woody Allen's Whatever Works.

Her dad ran a regional theater in Raleigh, North Carolina, where her mom and her three brothers frequently took to the stage. to be home-schooled and take five acting classes a week.

At age five, she was cast in a movie of the week, which led to an audition for Interview With a Vampire. A few years later, starring with her mom in a production of The Miracle Worker that was directed by her father was "the equivalent of being given a pony," but Wood's parents divorced when she was nine, giving her plenty of grief to pull from professionally ("Any divorce is always horrible"). At 14, she booked Thirteen, ushering in fame and its ways of messing with a young mind. "Any child actor will tell you that you don't have a lot of the tools or the experience to combat a lot of the criticism or very adult situations being thrown at you."So Wood did what made sense at the time: At 18, she went to the Chateau Marmont, met Marilyn Manson (then 36 and married to Dita Von Teese), started dating him, and subsequently appeared, Lolita-like, in a video for "Heart-Shaped Glasses," groping her nether region and then making out with Manson as fake blood rains upon them in a video so graphic that the sex was rumored to have been real (she says it wasn't).

"I had my son, and that changed everything," she tells me. I just couldn't be what I was not." Since then, she's tried to find comfort in the gray areas, to feel at home floating in the middle of the spectrum rather than moored safely at either end.

"We are conditioned in certain ways, and it's a journey to break that conditioning, and I think that's been a lot of my journey, honestly."It also happens to be Dolores' journey, which means that the horror and chaos the character faces, the realizations she has, and the fight to escape her circumstances – which happens in her head as much as anywhere else – feel very much like Wood's.

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