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Here's a snippet of the code I'm using: When clicking the Add button, I get a "Databinding methods such as Eval(), XPath(), and Bind() can only be used in the context of a databound control." The bizarre thing about this is that the exact same code works fine in the Edit Item Template.

As far as I know, I need to bind the User Id so that it gets fed into the User Id parameter in the objectdatasource.

The items are stored in a database with a field called display_order.

When the report is generated we simply order by that field. Now on the database server I am going to create a database call test_tutorials, with a table called report_items.

As I mentioned previously, the first request that isn't handled properly marks the death of that 'session' (not really the session, but the changes requested by the user until the next postback).

In a sense this is good because if you miss one request, the next request is going to start throwing off the sequence order.

This script method must return a string and will be called instead of the Service or Page method.Hi, this question relates to a control in the Ajax toolkit for 2.I'm having a problem using a databound dropdownlist inside a reorderlist ajax control.I think reducing the View State (if that is indeed the problem) may be my only option at this point.Accordion Always Visible Control Animation Auto Complete Calendar Cascading Drop Down Collapsible Panel Confirm Button Drag Panel Drop Down Drop Shadow Dynamic Populate Filtered Text Box Hover Menu List Search Masked Edit Modal Popup Mutually Exclusive Check Box No Bot Numeric Up Down Paging Bulleted List Password Strength Popup Control Rating Reorder List Resizable Control Rounded Corners Slider Slide Show Tabs Text Box Watermark Toggle Button Update Panel Animation Validator Callout Release Notes Setup your environment Using a sample extender Creating a new extender Extender base class features Using Animations Animation Reference Automated Testing Cascading Drop Down with a Database Other neat stuff Dynamic Populate is a simple extender that replaces the contents of a control with the result of a web service or page method call.

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