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The poem is all about his doings, sacrifices and praising our country. His dreams for us is to have an eminent liberation, free from sorrow and grief.This is for us people to awaken our minds about what Is really happening in our society that time. It is his desire to dedicate his life to our country, because of what he saw to our fellowmen that time under the this selection, Kikay forget her own culture and became boastful because she came from New York and adopt their culture. Soledad In this poem, the author shows how the society and see their own direct and personal experiences.

This poem can inspire the youth by the martyrdoms of our hero.

we must take our time in enjoying our teenage life and don’t rush the things up. My last farewell This last essay that was written by our national hero before he died was very inspiring.

He dedicated this to the philippines, family, friends and to the fellow Filipinos.

A mother sacrifices for us to give us a comfortable and better life. So we should be thankful to her and appreciate all his efforts and doings for us.

She is doing her best just to make us happy and to make our lives a lot easier. She ignores all her pains and tiredness just to give us a life that we deserve. My Father goes to Court A funny story of a dumb, sick, rich family and a funny, healthy, normal family. This is the perfect quote I can describe about the story. Even we don’t have money compared to others, we are not wealthy as other people, happiness when we have a family is more important than money that we have.

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