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This leaves a possibility that the Palestine program could also be carried by .Ricky describes the sad situation: "The MBS office has been emptied of all on air staff Friday last week, Now 100 percent voice track from 7am - 7pm roughly and no local on air staffing presence anymore in the office.The Kennedy family were the first TWR missionaries to serve at the West Africa Transmitter Station.To see the medium wave transmitter turned on, and hear those first few words being broadcast into an area with more than 190 million people, was something very special to Garth and the team.KEMA reported, “The electric and the magnetic field strength measured outside the TWR fence is very low, much lower than the limits mentioned in the European and American standards”.Measurements by Trans World Radio on February 6th, 2018 confirm that this is still the case.

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No, Trans World Radio had been broadcasting at higher power (500k W) for 35 years, from the year 1964.On the weekends, there is a two-hour jazz show ("Jazz Meets Latin Jazz") hosted by New York - based Jim Luce.The station describes its format as the "sound of elegance" as well as "relaxing music" and "beautiful music." But it's far from "elevator music." There are brief weather reports every hour and occasional news bulletins. The music is adult-oriented and consists of easy-listening, familiar vocals and instrumentals from the past including movie themes, and smooth (mostly) jazz.The station claims to have the largest radio station music library west of the Mississippi with over 12,000 recordings.

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