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view- Advanced Flash-based image editor for your members.- Affiliates system with administrator controls and statistics.- Advanced, web-based banner management.

Specify start and end dates for which banners should be displayed.- Powerful extended search option (very similar to ae Dating).

Packet-handling, debugging routines, graphics primitives for public-access online service under Unix/Dos.

os Date application allows you to manage a dating site.

Designed and implemented database-driven web applications in PHP, My SQL, XML, XSLT, XHTML, Java: Content Publishing - 'Valence' (VA Layout ENgine/Content Editor) Workflow management & scheduling ('Over Seer') Oct 1999 - May 2000: 'wizard' @ "" 1006756- a Net Ware server extension which provides Desktop Database service as part of the Net Ware Client For Mac OS v.5.11 and Net Ware 4.11 releases Developed MPW tools in C and Tcl for testing Net Ware File Access and Desktop Database API's under Apple Talk and Net Ware protocols Tested and debugged Net Ware software using internally-developed tools; TMON, Macs Bug and Lanalyzer for Windows to perform packet analysis Wrote technical documentation. Tested functionality of proprietary cross-platform C code libraries. Wrote scripts in MPW and Virtual User 2.0 to install, test and debug software on an Apple Talk network Localization of After Dark 3.0/Mac to French, German and Int'l English; QA Lead on After Dark for Windows 95. '92 - June '93: Software Quality Engineer Apple Computer, Inc.

1987 - 88: C Programmer "The Community Memory Project" Memory was the world's first public computerized bulletin board system, founded by Lee Felsenstein.- The admin panel includes advanced profile management.Activate or deactivate any profile, edit profile details, sort by name/gender/status, and much more!Search for profiles using any of a dozen search criteria.- Advanced installation wizard checks your server environment for compatibility with os Date.- Installing is as simple as loadinig the file, then clicking through the wizard.os Date even checks your My SQL login parameters, and allows you to easily upgrade from any prior version.- Options for SMTP mail are available.

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