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Families were selected using the following criteria:1) Married couples living in the area for two or more years 2) Couples that were married at least 5 years and having children 3) Couples in the age group of 23-35 years.These criteria would help in defining current practices of reproductive couples with children in a stable population.

It included history of births, abortions, still births and questions on sex preferences of children.Of all respondents 149 (49%) were from Maharashtra, origin of others were from Northern states 84(28%), 56 (19%) were from Southern states and 13 (4%) were from other regions of India.Most of the families were of low socio-economic status.The sex ratio at birth was 988 females for 1000 males.There were 84 abortions of which 60(71.4%) were induced and 24 (28.6%) were spontaneous.

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