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Not sure which website builder or web host is right for you?Visit our website building reviews or our web hosting reviews to find a service that fits your needs.On the flip said, all plugins you have access to with a website builder are guaranteed to work, but this means that you’re usually limited to the specific plugins your website building service has personally vetted.A lot of the features that make website builders so much easier to use also, unfortunately, define the limitations of these services.For most web hosting services that offer Word Press, it’s a “one-click install” plugin, which means that with a single click of your mouse, the Word Press CMS will be integrated into your website.Still, using a CMS, even one as user-friendly as Word Press, can require managing a lot of moving parts like installing templates and in some cases – depending on the type of environment your web host provides – managing your website’s security features.

CMS setups on web hosting sites also allow for widgets too, but the difference is that because of the flexibility CMS setups provide, it’s possible that you might have to troubleshoot plugins on your own if something goes wrong.

Michael Osakwe is a Next writer covering technology and a multitude of personal finance topics.

His research has been featured in interviews with publications like Forbes, U. News & World Report, The International Business Times, and several others, He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with a BA in Political Economy and a minor in Public Policy.

While tons of resources detailing how to set up blogs exist, trying to follow them might initially prove to be overwhelming.

We thought we’d help alleviate some of that confusion for new bloggers by going over two options available for blogging – web hosting and website building.

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