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There’s a lot of beautiful complexities to discuss.

There’s a lot to unpack and I probably have to sit with my emotions a few days before I can chat about Black Panther.

" most people will say "fine." Released on Mello Music Group, this album replaces that reflexive cliché with honest and eloquent tangents.

It’s specific and subtle in its execution, achieving equilibrium between lackadaisical detours to smell the flowers and the frantic acknowledgement that there’s an inferno raging outside.

The conversations and pieces of ourselves in the words, the flows, the beats. It features indelible cameos from Denmark Vessey, Grammy Award winner Anna Wise, Your Old Droog and Big Tone, as well as comics Ashok “Dap” Kondabolu, Michael Che, Nick Offerman, and Hannibal Burress.

that’s cool that the African with the Marvel comics name who already did a song for the Black Panther issues, did signings etc wasn’t invited to any screenings.

I had to move my Black Panther seeing to Friday (GODDAMMMIT,) so I’ll just refrain from being on here tomorrow, because if spoilers happen, I will form my own VERY LEGITIMATE Dora Milaje, find you, and kill you.

This fine couple made the @bandcamp best photos of the year list thanks to this pic by @frankienyc.

The floodgates to gay marriage have been opened in Ohio. But I was allowed to watch “SNL” if I stayed up late enough.

It also means nobody’s reporting on the news because I mean, HOLIDAYS! The lawyer defending Pennsylvania’s gay marriage ban has invasively and biphobically demanded the plaintiffs challenging the law reveal their sexual histories – including whether or not they’ve ever had different-sex sexual relations. Growing up I wasn’t allowed to watch, like, “Seinfeld” and “The Simpsons” and a lot of things that sort of inform Lampoon writers’ sensibility.

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