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;) There are plenty of extras on this site to keep you busy if you need to take a break from reading stories.

It can be hard to keep the blood rushing to your brain when it tends to go somewhere else upon your arrival to a place like this, and reading does require a bit of brain power, so taking a break to look at their Video on Demand site, or to check out the illustration section or even erotic poetry section.

;) When it comes to rules, pretty much anything is allowed although they do forbid stories about paedophilia and bestiality.

I know that 50 % of you sex depraved fuckers now skipped to the next site review in this category, since this was exactly what you were looking for isn't it?

Find similar websites, blogs, social networks or tube sites with ODir, which is an open directory of websites added by users.

The listed websites on this page are alternatives to

Since these websites are mostly popular among females, this could be your chance to meet a fucked up bitch just like yourself and fuck some real pussy!

Don't forget to use a condom, unless you like to pay child support for the next 18 years.

If you enjoy writing, you can submit your own stories.

literotica is an external website and is not connected to ODir in any way.

literotica is fully responsible for all of the content of the linked website (videos, pictures, texts, aso.).

They also have competitions for writers to see what stories people enjoy the most.

They even have a special name for members of the message boards, which goes by "Literoticans", "Litizens" or "Litsters", who arrange events known as "Litogethers", where you can meet eachother in real life and socialize.

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