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*t')) if then time UTCAdjusted = time UTCNow - 3600 end local item Time Stamp = Time Stamp(item Date) local diff Total = time UTCNow - item Time Stamp SKIN: Bang('!Set Option', 'Meter Now Local', 'Text', 'Now Local: '.date(standard Format, time Local Now)) SKIN: Bang('!

Your main concerns are in getting the best % cut possible, both on initial orders, recurring orders and renewals. Some services will pay you on renewals, but not reorders, or may pay you a lower cut of reorders, or not be very effective at tracking orders. They will probably quit their membership after three months of paying dues.

One of the things that often comes up is how to figure out how much elapsed (or remaining) time there is from now to a date and time string you get from somewhere, perhaps an RSS feed.

So you might get a string like , and want to know how many weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds old (or in the future) that date and time is.

It will set up a variable to hold a standard format string that we will use with to pretty up the current date and time, and it will get a "handle" to the measure in our skin that will be giving us the ISO-8601 date and time string we want to parse.

The Update() function will do the following: Get the current value of the measure from the skin What we are doing is checking the field "isdst" (is it currently Daylight Saving Time?

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