Problems with dating a policeman

If their chin is out over a break up, they can "get even" in ways others cannot do without repercussions.

So you can dump a civilian and yeah, they might do something crappy to you - you can call the cops over it.

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they think that because they have an authority profession, women will automatically fall for them... i won't be able to deal with a partner doing that type of work..

I wouldn't date a cop for the same reason i won't date someone in the army , navy air force, etc..

OTOH, they tend to value whatever they have with their partner deeply. I just dumped one (never had sex with though) but he was insistant.. But I wouldn't write off officers just because of their profession. with female police officers (they sometimes are doing their shifts together)... Evaluate them as dating/marriage partners on a casewise basis, as you would anyone else. I've two close friends who are police officers (one a city officer, the other a state trooper) and they are very gentle, family-oriented guys. What might be a no-deal is that cops lead very dangerous lives, as do firefighters. I've recently started dating a retired police officer. I've also been told by him that "I need a drink in order to not hurt your feelings" after beginning a discussion on a sensitive or controversial matter. Strangely enough, he always assures me of how he'll never hurt me, even when we're not talking about that subject. It's just how he winds down in the evening after coming home from his current job. We enjoy each other company very much and are exclusively committed to each other. Should I mention my concerns to my boyfriend or just leave it alone for now?

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