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In decades to come, the school continued to be a leader in mental studies.In 1965, the school’s name was changed to The American Institute for Mental Studies- The Training School Unit, also known as AIMS.The men, who could not physically perform construction, would work to clear the land.By 1919, there were accommodations for 120 young men.With this success, came the research of poultry vaccines. These men owned their “feeble-mindedness” and did not allow it to hold them back.It is what made the Menantico Colony such a success.The scale set a worldwide precedent and is still current being used today.

It spread their prolific research across the world. They would perform the mental testing on incoming immigrants.In the 1880’s, there was a crisis in New Jersey, there was no place for the “feeble-minded” to be cared for.Doctors, professors, and lawmakers alike, were working feverishly trying to figure out what to do about this problem. Olin Garrison started a school in his Millville home. On March 1, 1888, the Vineland Training School opened with the original (and very long-winded) name “The New Jersey Home for the Education and Care of Feeble-minded Children.” By the end of 1888, it was home to 55 boys and girls.In 1970, The Division of Emotional studies was established, to find a treatment for those who were emotionally disturbed.In 198, to avoid closure, the institute was taken over by the Elwyn Institute of Media, Pennsylvania.

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