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This is a well-known problem with solutions in the literature e.g.

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:) Often given multi-dimensional data that describe data points, you define a similarity or "kernel" between points. dot product after you normalize by standard deviation in each dimension for example.

Or it could be a Gaussian kernel e^((-d^2)/y) where d is the dot-product between points and y is a constant bandwidth parameter. if certain dimensions are categorical then you could the one-dimensional dot-product to be 1 if the categorical variables agree, otherwise 0.

You have five minutes each with four or five possible matches.

No need to tell anyone then and there if you “like” him or her or exchange any contact info — instead daters mark “date” or “friend” by people’s names to indicate the type of relationship you want (if any). Find Veg Love promises the process will be confidential, void of rejection, pressure-free, and non-judgmental.

We get as far as the ‘so, maybe we should just get together?

I'm currently "idea blocked" on how to do the linking step (base on a person attributes).

I would appreciate your help, Even a dialogue on the matter would help me a lot!

Then you can form the overall dot-product from the multi-dimensional data after normalizing each dimension by its standard deviation.

The point is, once you form a similarity or kernel between points, then you can define a weighted bipartite graph where the weight of an edge is equal to the similarity/kernel between points, and your problem is to find a maximum weight matching.

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