Adrienne bailon dating

The former Cheetha Girls member, ex-girlfriend of the aforementioned reality star and current panelist on The Real has agreed to become the wife of Lenny Santiago! If combustible R&B star Chris Brown thought he could intimidate Tamar Braxton, he messed with the wrong girl with his epic Instagram tirade last night.

Brown went off on Adrienne Bailon and Tamar Braxton on Instagram Monday following their comments on The Real about Chris and girlfriend Karrueche.

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In a lengthy statement, the 44-year-old said that his marriage had long been over by time they started dating.

, the 32-year-old said the gospel singer was already a single man when they became romantically involved.

As a picture of the two from their recent Mexican vacation flashed behind her, the singer cleared up the claims.

What do YOU think about Adrienne allegedly being Christianly coupled up with Israel??? "Just keep swimming…" 🌊🐠 I'm pretty sure Dory (Finding Nemo) got these words of wisdom from my mother…

Surely he’s not dating his buddy’s ex-fiancee riiiiiiight?

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