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But in either case, I just create the melody in my head to go with the dancing that I see. I can tell if there is musical accompaniment, but not always sure what exactly... We used to have a piano and I could tell the difference between the keys - like on the right side are the higher tones and the left side is the deeper tones. I took Latin in college but that's a dead language.I don't even know if i'm using the right vocabulary. In opera, there is an orchestra and I can't separate the instruments unless it's really emphasized. I sing sometimes in the shower, or in the car - alone. I have a small tiny knowledge of French, German and Spanish.I learned to sign much later out of curiosity and to this day, I'm not a good signer.I can read others, but to sign myself, it's shakier.It can be annoying at times to have this droning monotonous sound in my head but i've learned to deal with it.I was listening to Rush Limbaugh's radio program after he had gone completely deaf (and before he had the corrective surgery) and I was amazed at how completely normal and perfect his speaking voice sounded. Because he already knew what sound was like, and what speaking is like, he didn't have to learn how to, it just was natural.I had to raise my hand every time I heard a beep or a tone and they record in down on a chart. It can be isolating at times in that nobody understands what it's like, that I didn't have anybody to talk to in my family. Was there ever a time in your life that these kinds of thoughts occupied your time a lot?

It's not an easy thing to wear, there's a magnet that's "attached" to a piece of metal that's under my skin so it's a visible thing. I didn't have tinnitus with the hearing aids, but after I got the implant and if I don't wear it for a while, I get tinnitus.My mom has tried to explain the basics of music to me and I couldn't really grasp it. I've sung with my mom listening, and tactfully she implied that I'm not a good singer. I think that's a subtle thing that i can't pick up. I can't say "Oh she's singing off tune." I wouldn't notice that. I can't carry on a conversation in any of these language but i know a few words here and there. I tend to just focus on the face and casually pick up body language in my peripheral vision.Since you can't hear their music, and I'm imagining that you can only base what musical artists you are interested in on their image and behavior and what you read about them, and what others say about them - I would like to know what you think of the following pop artists: She's okay. I notice the stance, body position but I tend to just focus on the face out of necessity. I think that I'm more sensitive to vibrations and movements.She actually said that since we've had to "learn" how to listen, we actually hear better. Have you ever been inside one of those Halloween haunted house "rides" where you pay to go in and then go from dark room to dark room and people dressed as monsters and killers jump out at you and scream and scare you with loud noises and stuff? If not, what do you think would be different for you? I went to one last Halloween and I kind of anticipated where one might jump out, and I would be prepared for it. I notice sudden movements and that's usually more than enough to scare me. They chose to take me to speech therapy to learn how to speak and to listen with what hearing I have left.Eerie music wouldn't really enhance that, maybe to distract me... I've asked this to my mom a lot and I forget the answer each time.

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