Windows 2016 reverse dns not updating

I had the issue a yesterday, and refreshed my installation of the OS and things worked.

I am trying to sign in to my newly addon domain cpanel; , it does not authenticate my name & password.You can try Clearing your DNS cache or "I recently changed my host provider and while it was resolving the DNS information I found that there were a couple of days when my site was online for other people but I was unable to see it myself (except through proxynet).The problem eventually resolved itself this morning as the DNS server information on my internet provider's servers was updated but it left me in frustrated confusion for several days.As long as you are pointed to the correct nameservers, it should resolve successfully. If you're moving a domain from one host to another, the name servers that were assigned to your domain are what determine WHERE you site is pulling its files from.Thank you, John-Paul We recently set up a mobile site and our webmaster has told us he set up the CNAME records, however when we check it we get an error message. You can use WHOIS to determine where your site is pointing to.

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