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A few more seconds of pause and both of them begin talking over each other.“Of course not! ”“And we’re committed to growing together as a couple! She’s processing the coordination…the planning…the BIG event! Robb just leans back in his chair, collapses his hands and quietly says,“” But long before they ever show up in the counseling office they book a venue, try on a dress, a tux, ask their friends to come to the wedding, and then show up expecting to work on issues still plaguing the relationship. All because of what I like to call, “That day we fell in ‘’.”The problem with American-ized dating is that everyone falls in “like” but they don’t fall in love.And then the moment Robb has been waiting for comes pouring out.“But! We fall headlong into infatuation, as opposed to deep commitment.The reason for this is everyone’s looking for the person that’s going to make them happier than anyone else in the world. 1) Clearly, happiness and feelings are crucial, but they aren’t the point.They’re like the icing on the cake, but not the substance that gives it structure.Before you can begin to talk over the conflict like reasonable, loving adults, you have to pry your closed hearts open again.

Making notes is a simple act that’s the basis for what I call “couple talk times.” Read more Article Jim Daly Guys, we can resolve disagreements a lot more quickly, and with better results, if we see our wives not as opponents to be outplayed, but as teammates.Read more Article Jill Savage When we control our tongues, we can build a healthy, nurturing marriage.Exercising self-control in the little things may even help strengthen us to overcome temptation in the bigger things. David Clarke explains how couples can strengthen their marriage by improving their communication skills.I often think of my best friends and our relationships and the time it took to grow to that level. Additionally, as we grew, so did the amount of damage and hurt we could perform (and sometimes did do) to one another.But even when I was wounded by one of them, I knew they’d be there for me in a heartbeat and vice-versa.

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