Ri general laws post dating checks

They give Rhode Island’s lowest wage earners a raise of 50 cents an hour, ban vaping on school property, limit the number of sex offenders in homeless shelters and allow federal agents warrant-less access to a state prescription drug database, among other significant changes.

Here's a look at the highest-profile new measures: Minimum wage: The Assembly's more liberal lawmakers pushed for a larger increase, but Democratic leaders agreed to push the minimum wage from .60 an hour to .10 when the clock struck midnight.

The Department of Environmental Management is losing much of its top-tier staff.

Vaping: You can't smoke tobacco in or around schools in Rhode Island and, starting New Year's Day, you won't be allowed to inhale the vapor from increasingly popular "electronic nicotine delivery systems," also known as e-cigarettes.

In addition to keeping e-cigarettes away from schools, the new vaping bill will require all e-cigarette type devices to be sold in child-resistant packaging.

Despite those efforts, Santilli said that as of Thursday there were still around 20 sex offenders staying in Harrington Hall and up to four people for whom the organization was working to secure homes.

"We are doing our best to make sure we don't turn anyone out on the streets," Santilli said.

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