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She was brought back to WWE TV and the company began building the Divas Division around her and allowed her to become the face of the 2015 Divas Revolution.

It pays to be dating one of the biggest stars in the company, that's for sure.

No matter where they are they find the time to meet up and discuss their weekly adventures over a bottle of wine.

It has already been stated that Nikki was married before, but the entire WWE Universe should be aware that John was also married to his longtime girlfriend Elizabeth Huberdeau.

The following episode Cena made it clear that it wasn't because of her that he was forcing her to sign it, but it was because of the way his previous wife had left him. Nikki Bella is 32-years-old so it shouldn't come as a shock that she has already been married.

The former model had many other jobs before she joined the WWE roster and travelled all over the world, but she met her husband in high school and the duo decided to head off and get married in secret.

WWE then rehired the twin sisters and over the past few years the duo have gone on to become the faces of the WWE Women's Division.

As already stated, Nikki is 32-years-old, so when John told her that he didn't want kids, she then decided that she would have to freeze her eggs now or she wouldn't be able to have kids later in life when she had finally decided the time was right.Nikki was visibly shocked by the fact that Cena was forcing her to sign a contract that meant that she would have to adhere to all of the rules of his home.This was made public on an episode of Total Divas and Nikki walked away from Cena after he explained that she would need to sign it.The couple announced their engagement in 2009 and then married later the same year. This was then finalized in July, and it was stated that Elizabeth had found out about John Cena cheating on her through Kenny Dykstra's social media updates. She then took Cena to court to prove his infidelity.Cena doesn't speak publicly about the reasons for the breakdown of his marriage but this is the reason he has been so hard on Nikki throughout their current relationship.

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