Dating frat boys

You’ll never have to guess what Brent from Phi Kappa Sugar is thinking, because it’s simply unimportant… So stop being so critical of fraternity men and give them a chance. Deep down, they’re just mushy, delicate Republicans. They worry about their hair and their breath and whether people will think they're cool.Most members of fraternities are required to complete a certain amount of community service hours to remain in their cult fraternity. if you thought the depth of a frat man only goes as far as beer kegs, you are mistaken.They actually have people forcing them to be good people, and contribute to needy society.Two boys seemed like they might hold out; we worked in the cafeteria together and were hall mates. Cloud, Florida, and I'm rooming with this guy," pointing two finger guns at Greg. (Heather and Brittany, wherever you are, thank you for the Robitussin.

Some boys are better at satisfying themselves than others.

5.) They’re really dope: Pretty on the outside, full of dope on the inside. Everyone wants a man they can bring home to the ‘rents during the day and explore the deep complexity of human psyche as it goes into hour 8 of 4.) Money Money Money Money: Since 99.69 percent of the frat boy population are gleaming byproducts of upper-class white suburbia, money will never be a worry.

Most of these men have a special card that they impressively swipe to close the bar tab for you and all of your friends.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to call one yours, and get your name on the holy list to attend the frattiest party of the year: Jeremy’s party at his garden apartment Lakeview – he got a fog machine!

2.) Charity: Although some might say you’re doing the true charity work by actually giving a frat boy a chance, the dudes hold themselves to a surprisingly higher moral standard than one may think.

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