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In 2016, the Swedish civil contingencies agency sent out a letter to all local authorities telling them they must be better equipped to respond to the threat of war. You can post your profile, use advanced search, send and receive messages absolutely free. Christina Andersson, from the civil contingencies agency, said the decision was a result of 'the current security situation' in the region, as Russia intensifies military manoeuvres.Last year the Russian military conducted drills experts believe rehearsed the capture of the Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - as well as Poland, Norway and the non-aligned states of Sweden and Finland.At the same time, he broke with the papacy and established a reformed state church: the Church of Sweden.Throughout his reign, Gustav I suppressed both aristocratic and peasant opposition to his ecclesiastical policies and efforts at centralisation, which to some extent laid the foundation for the modern Swedish unitary state.For a list of Swedish princes and princesses, past and present, see Swedish Royal Family.

For a list of kings and queens regnant of Sweden, see List of Swedish monarchs.

The agency gives practical advice on crises such as cyber and terror attacks, along with conventional warfare.

The first edition of the 'If War Comes' booklet was published during World War II, during which Sweden was neutral.

Continual tension within each country and the union led to open conflict between the Swedes and the Danes in the 15th century.

The union's final disintegration in the early 16th century led to prolonged rivalry between Denmark-Norway and Sweden (with Finland) for centuries to come.

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