Teenagers emotional maturity in dating

Ruth was a widow whose husband died without descendants.Boaz was a near kinsman of Ruth, and the law required him to take her as wife to raise up seed to her husband. Her past life and conduct had been fully reported to him ().Many Scriptures tell the kind of person a man or woman must be in order to have a godly marriage. Likewise, the Bible describes the qualities of a godly husband. I know of no passage that states how you should feel toward a person before you marry them.You should love your spouse, but we will see that Bible love is more choice and commitment than emotion.Genesis 29 - Jacob also went back to his mother's family to find a companion, because the young people where he lived were ungodly.He made his own decision that he wanted to marry Rachel after he had lived with her family for a month (v14).She was known throughout the town as a virtuous woman ().

However, this too involved some differences from today.If not, either look elsewhere or give him/her time to change and prove they will be godly.The entertainment industry bombards us with the romantic line to "just let your heart decide." Couples who have seriously different backgrounds meet, "fall in love," get married, and live happily ever after.This is normal for all people, even those who have a good marriage. Base your choice on character and you can sustain the relationship.If you marry because a person excites you, you may regret the decision when the fire goes out. Know one another well over a number of periods of emotional ups and downs, to see if your commitment can survive the downs as well as the ups. We repeatedly taught our children to know a person for at least two years before they marry them - longer, if there was any significant questions about the person's character or spirituality. Discuss them now and see how well you are able to work out problems. If you can't work out problems, you cannot succeed in marriage.

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