Kim zolciak dating big

I look at Kim's life this way-she probably spends at least three hours in front of the mirror primping.

Another couple of hours on social media, and of course her intensive study of all things Kardashians.

When I watched that and subsequent seasons, it was clear to me that while Kandi was sincere, Kim was using Kandi to produce Don’t be Tardy and Ring Don’t Mean a Thing, and outside of that, Kim had no real interest in developing a real friendship with Kandi Kim is not overly burdened with girlfriends.

Who would want her as a friend-she is so self absorbed her Maid of Honor backed out of the wedding.

They didn't spend money like it was water, and certainly purchased classic items that could be worn many times, items that would stand the test of time.

I think Kim wants her family to be another K family. I found one article that had hers at 1.5 million, and his at 5.5 million.

Kim was all about her Neiman Marcus ornaments and figurines which at best were excessive.

Of course she was sued for not paying her last Christmas decorator.

The momager is a nasty woman, but give the devil it's due. I don’t put a lot of stock in those online celebrity net worth sites.

After two years of their marriage, the couple divorced in 2003.

After her divorce, she stayed single for almost six years and she began dating Big Poppa in 2009.

Those people had big bucks, but they didn't wave their designer bags and try to let you know how much money they had; it was considered to be tacky to do so.

It was merely known that they did have money, and guess what?

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