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On September 3, 1979, Imus started off his first program back on WNBC with his old character/voice/bit, "The Reverend Billy Sol Hargis".

The show regularly parodied songs and voices, satirizing national and local events and persons.

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Beginning September 3, 1996, the 6 to 9 am portion was simulcast on the cable television network MSNBC.In September 2009, the show moved to Fox Business Network's television studios in Rockefeller Center, where Fox Business began simulcasting the program on October 5, 2009. On June 15, 2015, the show started broadcasting solely on the radio from the WABC radio studios. The show's many guests included prominent politicians such as Bill Clinton (during his 1992 presidential campaign), Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, John Mc Cain, John Kerry, Vice President Dick Cheney, J. Hayworth and Harold Ford, Jr., as well as reporters and columnists from Newsweek, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Fox News and other media outlets.Originally considered a shock jock, Imus turned his show more towards politics and news and gained public influence as a result. Among the cream of the press who regularly appeared on the show were Tom Brokaw, Tim Russert, Dan Rather, Brian Williams, Andrea Mitchell, Cokie Roberts, Sam Donaldson, Howard Fineman, Mike Barnicle, Frank Rich, Jonathan Alter and Jeff Greenfield.After Imus and RFD reached a mutual agreement to prematurely terminate the five-year deal, Fox Business Network began simulcasting the program on October 5, 2009, an arrangement which ended on May 29, 2015.Imus in the Morning will end its run March 29, 2018.

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