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🙂 Scale length isn’t an issue in itself, providing a) You don’t have big hands and b) You understand the design concept behind the jaguar.The jag is designed to work with heavy strings, flatwounds with a wound G string in particular to give it a fatter sound.The jag is a notorious guitar in the surf, alternative and shoegaze genres.

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And a rhythm circuit which only allows use for the neck pickup and bypasses all the controls at the bottom, using its own tone/volume control rollers at the top.This requires a precise set up of the trem to use though, I personally don’t bother, but if you want to know how the best option would be to take the trem itself off the guitar and have a look inside while you play with the range of the trem.The only real issue with the trem is the arm has a tendancy to fall out, the AV models have a lip to hold the arm in the “teeth” in the arm socket. You can correct this by wrapping some tape around the trem arm under the trem where it sits in the cavity, or by gently closing the teeth around the socket with some pliers.Developed originally by fender as the “upgrade” to the stratocaster, to have an innovate floating tremolo system and controls unlike any guitar prior to it.Unfortunately it never sold too well and was eventually discontinued in the mid 70s.

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