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There is a difference between having a strong character and developing an intimidating personality.

Some people have to fight and struggle all their lives.

Excessively defensive attitudes usually turn against you in the end.

Maybe you aren’t a “Mary Poppins” or a “Mother Theresa”, but that doesn’t mean you need to be overly hard on everyone else.

People who have intimidating personalities tend to be overly honest.

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These types of personalities tend to reject excessively nice manners.It’s as if you are saying the last word on the subject.Your words imply that responses are not allowed and won’t be considered. You talk so that others listen to you and you use an authoritative tone.It’s possible that you are too abrupt when you speak. It’s also possible that others admire you so much that they are afraid to disappoint you.It works like this: you don’t express opinions, you give conclusions.

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