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We will also have display boards with facts about drugs and alcohol. The one entered is confirmed, and the other two are as follows: Jan. Brief Description: We are going to set up a lunch table and have the kids fill out "I want to shatter the Myths because" and whoever fills out the paper and takes a picture can win a t-shirt, cinch bag, notebook, lanyard, or wristband. Students will first learn drug and alcohol facts, then follow up with making informational posters so that other students will see the information posted in halls.

Announcements will be announced by the student council president over the intercom during morning announcements. Meeting to discuss facts, give out NIDA materials and participate in Fact Week. 24 Red Mountain Library (address entered) 6-PM Jan. Also, drug and alcohol facts pamphlets will be distributed for students.

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A video on drug awareness will follow and end with a raffle. We will be hosting an outreach table & trivia wheel in our main center of campus with the Peer Health Educators and Health Education staff.Answering questions prompted by COOL School students about making healthy life choices.Brief Description: Contest to develop a cool healthy lifestyle identity for teens: Design a cool T-Shirt, hat design, or sticker to promote the Natural Highs lifestyle and healthy alternatives to drugs & alcohol. We are desiring to do a "Wellness Week," and focus on what can help an individual who is struggling, addressing stress, anxiety, being true to yourself.This will begin our relapse prevention curriculum in our therapeutic and substance abuse groups. There has been a steady increase in the use of assorted drugs that have infiltrated the educational setting.Teens can champion their peers with education and awareness to combat the use of drugs and alcohol.

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