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The buildings, mostly of three storeys, were faced with Bath stone. The areas between the arms of the "Y" formed enclosed yards for the various classes of inmate. The entrance and administrative block faced onto Warminster Road. From the centre rear of this runs one arm of the "Y" which contained further offices, the Guardians' board-room, a provisions store.This contained offices for the porter, relieving officer and chaplain. The central hub of the "Y" contained the workhouse kitchens. Originally, a room in the north-eastern arm of the "Y" would have served as a chapel. A considerable part of Bath stands in this parish, and most of the houses have been built in the past 50 years. Four sixpenny rates on the net rent were collected in 1794, each of £718 4s. The rates for two or three years back have been nearly the same.

In 1905, the workhouse became known as Frome Road House, and later as Frome Road House Poor Law Institution. The headquarters home provided a receiving home for new arrivals and an administrative centre for the scheme.

It still stands and the building is now used as retail premises. A man called William Withers was travelling from Bristol to London when he became stricken with severe rheumatism and had to spend six weeks in the Walcot workhouse which was still in use prior to the opening of the new Union workhouse.

The Walcot parish workhouse was located at the south side of the London Road and was rebuilt in 1828. In 1837, the parish of Walcot was involved in a much publicised settlement dispute.

There are several friendly societies, but no information could be obtained about them. After seven hours, at the halfway point at Newbury, he had to be lifted off the coach and revived with a little brandy and water.

Eventually, Walcot decided to remove him to Clerkenwell and at 6pm he was put aboard the outside of a coach open to the wind and snow.

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