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The organization also known as the National Association of Seadogs (NAS) adopted the motto “Against all conventions”, the skull and crossbones as their logo, while members adopted confraternity names such as “Cap’n Blood” and “Long John Silver”.

When fellow students protested a proposal to build a railroad across the road leading to the university, fearing that easier transportation would make the university less exclusive, the Pyrates successfully ridiculed the argument as elitist.

Beliefs and saying: Blood on the high sea Singing songs of Hojas Never to hang a leg Even in the face of death.

Members are referred to as: Aro-mates, Adventurers, Vultures, e.t.c.

So not neglecting them, below is a list of the top female confraternities: Black-bra, Black Berets, Woman Brassier (brave), Daughters of Jezebel, Pink Lady, Amazons, White Angels, Lady of Rose, Sisterhood of Darkness, Golden Daughters, The Ten wonderful Girls, White Ladies, The Royal Queens, Daughters of the Knight, The Knights of the Aristos, etc.

The sorority groups were formed as female responses to their male counterparts’ activities, imitations, and most interestingly these females are girlfriends of the members of the male cult groups.

Members are referred to as: Maf or Mafians Eternal Fraternal Order Of Legion Consortium Dedy na debt This cult was started by five students at the University of Calabar, Cross River State during the military era in 1983.

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A major impetus for the creation of new confraternities was the fact that members of the new groups simply did not meet the high academic and intellectual standards set by the Seadogs, and thus considered the original organization to be elitist..

Different notorious cult groups had emerging without check from the concerned authority, unleashing terror on humanity and posterity.

Some beliefs and sayings: No prize no pay No brothers in the wood No laughing on board Blood for blood Let the devil that lead you guide you They have other sayings, which are basically thereby to make new members feel they made the right choice in belonging to a fraternity with such high code of conduct and discipline.

It was named Eiye group and later metamorphosed into Supreme Eiye Confraternity (SEC).

This cult group was established to make positive impact on the social-political mind, social cultural, physical and mental development of its members, and where indifferent to other conventional cult group.

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