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You should talk to him and ask questions, he should be open about everything. If you have any other questions I would be happy to answer them. I remember there were many replies that said they had been with their husband with herpes for years and through medication and avoiding sex when he can feel a breakout happening, they had never actually caught it from them. I've read articles of toddlers having breakouts on their mouths from being kissed by people with the virus. I would def wait to have sex until you feel the relationship is getting more serious.The thing that would worry me is: What if it doesn't work out and you do catch it?I have not had an outbreak in over two years, I recently delivered a happy healthy baby vaginally, and no one I have ever been with has contracted the virus. We only used protection in the beginning of our relationship.Your partner should know when an outbreak is going to come on and then you would abstain from sex. I'm sure you already know this but cold sores are a form of the herpesvirus as well. As previous posters have said the other thread asking the same was really good and, I'd imagine, very helpful to someone in your position. I have an extreme anxiety disorder, it wouldn't work for me.Hi there, I've been dating my boyfriend for 9 months, and he has HSV2 (he's had it for about a year and a half). He was so amazing about it, and I was so blown away by the fact that he told me prior to us having sex that I continued to date him.

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I know my odds of meeting someone else who is positive if we were to break up...

What if you were to catch something you are left with for the rest of your life for someone who you aren't even with anymore?

That's great that he is being upfront and honest with you and that he is on medication!

You are at risk of getting it, then what if it doesn't work out??

I would not add the stress of an STI to the stress of a potential future blended family. There is a huge negative stigma surrounding the virus. I got the herpesvirus when I was 19 years old, I am 31 now.

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